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A Non-surgical Facelift Treatment

  • Can lift folds in the mid-face, not just fine lines and wrinkles, up to 1 whole centimeter!
  • Can tighten crepey neck skin
  • Lifts the brows for a more youthful appearance
  • Sharpens the jawline for a more defined look
  • Results in a more lifted and toned overall facial appearance
  • Does not require invasive surgery or extended recovery time
  • Can be customized to target specific areas of concern

Revolutionary Non-Invasive Treatment

With Sofwave, an FDA-approved non-invasive treatment that employs cutting-edge technology, you can finally say goodbye to premature aging signs. Sofwave targets wrinkles accurately and efficiently, increasing the formation of collagen and elastin to minimize the visibility of aging skin. This leaves our patients feeling renewed and youthful with the results of a non-surgical facelift in Orlando.

What Is Sofwave?

Sofwave is an FDA-cleared treatment used to address fine lines and wrinkles non-invasively using cutting-edge SUPERB Technology. The development of new collagen and elastin is sparked by this cutting-edge technology’s generation of fractional heating, which helps to lessen the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. Sofwave may be your ideal option if you’re looking for a simple and efficient technique to revitalize your skin from the inside-out.

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How Does Sofwave Work?

The cutting-edge technology used by Sofwave is intended to effectively and precisely target wrinkles. Our experts are able to create heat exactly at the 1.5mm depth in the mid-dermis, where wrinkles first appear, by using the patented SUPERB technology. The built-in cooling system, Sofcool, further guarantees that the top layer of skin is not injured during treatment. Sofwave treatment zones cause a natural healing reaction, which encourages the skin’s collagen to regenerate.

Sofwave can provide clinically-proven outcomes, such as better facial lines and decreased wrinkles, with only one 30- to 45-minute treatment, all with very little downtime.

What Can Sofwave Do for You?

Sofwave can be the solution you’re looking for if your looking for a non-surgical facelift in Orlando. With the use of this ground-breaking energy tool, you may get a non-surgical facelift result such as skin tightening for the face and neck, skin lifting, and brow, jowl, and neck raising.

Sofwave may help you get the appearance you want, regardless of whether you have issues with cellulite, fine lines and wrinkles, or sagging skin.

Candidates for Sofwave

Candidates for Sofwave are often people who have begun to show indications of aging, want an alternative to a liquid facelift, and want to rejuvenate their skin without surgery. You may be a great candidate for Sofwave therapy if you have fine lines, mild to severe facial wrinkles, and modest sagging of the skin on your face and neck.

Learn More About Our Sofwave Treatment at Soluma Aesthetics

If you’re looking to turn back the clock on aging without resorting to surgery, Sofwave might be just the treatment for you! With Sofwave, you can say goodbye to pesky fine lines and wrinkles, as well as mildly sagging facial and neck skin. So, if you’re ready to rejuvenate your appearance, call us to explore your options for a non-surgical facelift in Orlando!